The Real Vilkian

So here I go I’m about to show that I have real love for my cat and prove my catspride is all snail pace and not by the face there is always grace plus it was a screen name not subject to adherence of any kind whatsoever so there I was and my publicist, Shaggy2dope insisted I write and like a way to explain to terms what MC Catj11er is all about. For 1m Xatj111er really lives cats and in fact does not have any harmful intentions towards any cats at all. 2. MC Catk111er does in fact eat dairy and is a beef Walker. 3. MC Xatk111er is all about LOVE. 4. MC Catj111er is a villain of the hood up to all good 5. MC Catk111er wool.
Get to know me by reading for yourselves Articles on this and you will feel. That’s FA real I’m all about love. That’s all it seems so silly in the long-run and it shows how negativity andnpositivity are compatible harmony with the way things work and can be a nice reading adventure for the daring of heart L. F. Style sure fine and on time with precise and off beat meter sure to have you all say bleepbleep when in fact I’m of the kindest soul protecting cats since 7 year old and although this always gets old I assure you beat just leave me alone I’m always up for a friendly chat and I’m fact I wave and smile back. Forgiving myself for everything was the beat thing I think including dark writing writing all night long makes one string for change those lucky pennies. Quests I Love NY Readers and U Live By Cat. One Love and ≧∇≦


Happy Valentine`s Day <3

Sinning has happened and it’s been a seemingly long tiring new year try to dispel ya fear hear ain’t not one one one cat I don’t hear and that’s fair real real. You see I ran out the house chasing a mouse and lemme see no love at Kitty Kat Kubo or Taco Tongue Lounge although the peep`s were friendly enough but poor o me I was full of love chants and I made up some poems for the ladies you know and even those who dislike prose were froze with melting smiles as I serenaded then fuk I forgot to blow out KY rainy days missing Purple Haze now I should be on fire by now so understand me love all of creation this Earth station is making me eat Cheerio`s and I know this note is 143 words long emotional friends just are not enough so I took matters into my pwn hand and Palm Beach Long Beach tilts all the same with a quik gesture lighting up like Uncle Fester the Molester was after a girl that was basically out of his league and out of this world. Butt nevertheless he sought all types of advice with his Yortis Zeptar charm. Out of the Great White Sharks bite of doom soon he found room for any of those that he felt like he had a tiff with this includes all u doubters, Fakers and haters never imitate with talks of Tech9ne promote me forget all I had was love on my mind so I forgot to promote Strange with Psychopathic Records audiophiles on repeat for miles and even though I was frowns the love that I found seems to every day run away And you know 111 do my best and try to de-stress to the MAX 1 hax hex like WTF Imma bout to pounce on 5 cat treats on a magic carpet ride. Now if that was like this and that was like that well error-slurp the galaxy around me not from the motivation to get ducked by any love in what form it may come. So I had some small talk pike I said straight pulling up in my Honda a hot blond all small got down on my whip whilst my loneliness gets the best of me feeling about A`dre smiling with her eyes it’s all so silly and 2_b_32oz of Long Island Iced Tea all my mind could see as I trolled myself along the city streets. Please my heart said in so lonely like I said I attempted and won some smiles with my cozy waves but I had to step in sideways with a sly slide and guess what I found? Button up shirt was needed bit I went out like a halfway slob cut corn off the cab under water sheerest Sheen winning again! Let me let you just know the beat way I found to express to yous and yourals is morals of words in poem form this poem is called a “tower-pose-prose” kinda like a game of Jenga NE ways I only got two minutes and later I’ll be back to echo minor occurrences assured sure say this will I be yours and later of course peace and prove One love Namaste


Git IT`s real real Wet

Facebook blu bapors plotting rhyme capers as i stare into the air as purrfect rain drowns me write while showering im so phresh bitch im PHRESH hitch up phone riding like n IV what fir worm firm typing slomo outside the windows not a thing but inside the human worships instant rain sent forth from Southwest a nice fair tropic breeze get gin in here in yesteryear this aint Aquafina nah mean get clean Machete Machine another day in the killing fields chopping down shatter cane outta milo fields green and swole my choppin hatchet hand aint big enough wrong size surprise water turned blue FA REAL and i think there be link due to Zuck Flynns CRU crossed an ohm or two now their hex color changed hue when they were hi on Barcardi 151 Caribou Lou dogg my hypthesia hop out drippin like a broke pen blue was soaking up the floor, the curtain, towels everything dude! I couldnt get it off me it then began to glow and evenessance effervescent drunk FaceOps drunken experiment of hexing webpages is out of control then all of a sudden i felt the blue goo move it colkexted together like venom and wrapped itself molecular into my phresh pair of paisley and shot up to the toilet bar psychically my Paisley Pair became self aware and started ordering me that i saved it by playing Internet all these years quite a fuckin jerk i thought and put Paisley on a rush ran throufh me up up and away went my mind thats all i can remember sure i could takem off but me and my P are in to deep the flynn is tryin to get the O back bit these skiviea keep me from shivering better than catfur purrs i think ill phind none other and it can keep me company so for now change into new pants and hed to ged CYA Beavis burnin out of this pie platters need chopped and sxattered time to double time dancehall ska. 💦💦💦💦💦



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Wikileaks meet Kittileaks “A10 Tank Killer VHS 50-cal Takes Out Multiple Tanks”

So i got this new dude who im hypeing the fuk outta named Ouijia and i gotta say “Everyone never loved me everybody alwayw fucc`d me” wnqke ass red sacks of wnakes the Ouijia got me. Hype for all the old haunts. Im over hear exposè flick the wrist whip it up show me those 14 4k displqys ill run music and img of png all daylinglong cause phone soumds are superdicial we proved that, Evan Doorbell you ring to enter my hell its the spell to know all is well oh dont trust my ringtone i put it out alone in spwce and covered up the body. Soon prehistric sbre tooth hysteric hyenas get slyern lion within ya im a pack a deck shuffle tarots she pulls up at 7 past 8 stick my brick in the window shatter dope explosion and i got her dont forget to get the interview with CNT later on wassup? Cowgirl riding !bang !bang stacking up her hay for a 12 hour day. She hops off starts jackin me off im like dont stop my nut is busting off and the she went for a felch instead i bit her neck time to fiend i could taste her dreams no ho go wash with kool-aide man bustin through the wall smashin ndentsn anything with my wang, ho ya listen to this song hey dont. getnyour Lamar Lotus follow us me mean I & I not caught up in the war more wbout whats at the Carnie Fqir this year i spipleLled the sauce what can i say im the Skr1bblez1 from juggalobook thats for Peaches and her lo you know that guy B seen me on ky puterscreen gettin trashed ya it did when i was on lqughing gas filled the zeppelin ready for a crash as you think about humanity i keep.myself alive i want to join you in the fight you and an MC Wikkid Lyte i burn LED trashfires filking up the spaces next i wonder wha ill write. Kittileaks in full efxy mode effexor could not get ahold of the bold scroll unroll and about the chopper vid ya just feel queasy now its a plane not a helio for one thing and id couldve engineered the poly math and transform a war like never befor on my Ouijia board letters por back and forth inside ky bodys like 5 Bilkion souls smooth as silk ion whispy winders behind my eyelids yearning to escape my body long walking down wrong hallways fuck these pussy ass jackyls talkimg p dingalingpanglong strong no touchy on my twitter are u bitter you can sho a qvitter. Back side bakwoods certs with lang and slang for ya pain to process the insane i take meds havnt takin any uet im a ER vet checkna lo the 1s im in the dark at home finulluly from a trans atpwntic flight had to fight 9 milly mkvli gangstafied wind clock breeze tocks FA REAL she got no panties on and q brickcin her guts ecrrytime millymotophone goes off in thr 90s era we had to wait and wqit for the screen to turncoatdirty our eyesnfeasted lickimg sluuurrrp! Purr now big puter dislplay was about 11 digits long on thrle dial pads that go to zero and negatuve 9ne hun wgat u think bout burning herbstalk cropz l8erbong 1bs of oz fkeecing shiny skuni records LBC im right there feel good to be home laternon


What If Andy Kauffman Shared mastodon.sdf.org

Heres a GNU twist on comedey thoughts. Remember the great comedian liver remover belieber phan with polyester pants? Ya dat guy well my cat said he says hi and a mew i couldnt make sense over RITTz rappin bout tappin and it happened i trapped it iz what The Man In The Moon, That Jim Carey guy yeah i met a groupie of his who swore she blew him ya i claimed Kaufmann would be a l337 trap artist cause hus multple outfits but if had protool tweet deck he would joke the minds world with an LED gossip pirahna pool like GNU Social!